Volunteering Futures

Volunteering Futures is a project currently being delivered by Barnsley Museums, via funding through Arts Council England. Volunteering Futures is about finding out what people want and need when it comes to volunteering.

Based out of Worsbrough Mill, we want to encourage everyone to volunteer and experience the many benefits this can bring, including improved wellbeing and learning new skills.

To help us do this, Fusion Partnership has enabled us to undertake an important consultation exercise with young people in Barnsley. We have been able to explore what young people feel they want and need regarding volunteering. 

This consultation will help inform the volunteering opportunities we can provide through our Volunteering Futures project, ensuring that volunteering is as accessible and beneficial to as many young people in Barnsley as possible.

Volunteering at Worsbrough Mill.

Supporting Wellbeing

Download the Wellbeing, Creativity and Young People guide.

The guide was prepared by Jo Stockdale (founder of ‘Well Within Reach’) and commissioned by The Mighty Creatives.

Whilst it was created with educators in mind, it will be useful to any professional or practitioners with a remit to supporting the healthy, holistic development of children and young people, their social and emotional wellbeing, or unlocking the innate curiosity, creativity and imagination that is the potential in every young mind! 

Print off a copy of this wellbeing game

This game was developed as part of the Cannon Hall Museum, Park and Gardens Wellbeing Project, designed to increase connection to nature and to inspire curiosity in surroundings.

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