Young Film Maker Turns to Lockdown for Inspiration!

Young Film Maker Turns to Lockdown for Inspiration!

19 a COVID-19 Short Film

Jack Riley, a local young film-maker, chose to spend the First Lockdown creatively by making a short film. The film is excellent and his approach is inspirational! Fusion is delighted to showcase it here!

This short film created in collaboration with Barnsley Youth Theatre and CAPA College follows a solo isolated individual, outlining the troubles we all faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“For the most part, the film features no dialogue. This creative device was chosen to show the isolation of the character, however to keep the audience engaged we focused on using captivating cinematography and sound design. Along with collaborating with CAPA College, we also worked with National Theatre associate Joe Hancock and Actor Jonny Dixon, from who we received valuable feedback. We also received amazing feedback from people outlining how the short film was relatable to them some saying, ‘This is really appropriate and important for people to see’.

The really magic lies in the story telling devices that the participants were able to learn and carry out themselves in a COVID safe environment. In this project the participants learned basic cinematography and editing techniques, colour grading, Lighting design, script writing, how to develop a shot list and story board, directing and much more.  We have been asked many times ‘What camera did you use to shoot this short film?’ however the short film used minimal production equipment and was shot and edited on an iPhone as we wanted to show that everyone and anyone can make films. Overall, the experience was a one in a kind and we hope that the short film and its process inspires many young people to create a short film themselves.” Joe Riley

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