“Concerteenies is absolutely delighted to be working in partnership with Fusion. As a new charity, we are really passionate about reaching more 0-7s and their grown-ups in quality musical experiences. Working together with Fusion means that we can directly reach key communities across Barnsley (in nurseries, schools and family centres) as well as focus our evaluative research into understanding the demand and potential development of our future work in this area.”


“Being part of the Fusion partnership allows us to make connections, build relationships and contribute to delivering exciting and varied cultural activities for local children and young people.  Fusion has also supported our programme in libraries in practical ways, for example through sharing our Biblio Beats programme with schools and asking them to include it in their newsletters (to reach families), helping us to encourage parents/carers/childminders to bring 0-5 year olds into libraries to experience live music and storytelling.”

Barnsley Libraries

“The Fusion partnership has been a superb way to connect creative people and share our joint passion for the arts in Barnsley. It has been wonderful to be able to support and promote music education in such a supportive and progressive environment

Barnsley Music Education Hub

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