Outdoor Community Art Gallery

Outdoor Community Art Gallery

Where do you display art work for all to see in a lockdown?

Over lockdown I had done art clubs for my school, Worsborough Common Primary, and their families. On our return in June I wanted to make sure this wasn’t forgotten. I created a Year 6 lockdown graffiti art wall, two metres wide of course! The Year 6 leavers could then leave their make on school and not be forgotten. They loved it and it helped them feel that their last strange year in school meant something.

So then I asked myself, “What to do with everyone else’s creativity over these strange months?” We needed a positive solution and creating an Art Gallery in school offered us just that! It allowed us to showcase a sample of the Children’s lockdown art and caused quite a splash in the the local paper. Children and parents alike visited the gallery for the very first time.

The pupils work is now on large vinyls waiting to be displayed on the school drive and we plan to add to it over the school year. Some whole families, including adults, are now regularly creating art work to be shown. A positive and amazing experience from lockdown!

Sally Philburn



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