Network Meeting

Network Meeting

Fusion's latest network meeting.

February’s Network Meeting was an inspiring gathering of 50 of Fusion’s brilliant cultural partners, schools, and colleagues who work with children and young people. The group will come together at Barnsley College to share priorities for the Festival of Joy (Monday 5 June to Friday 21 July).

It was wonderful to connect in person and to have so much creative energy and enthusiasm in the room to shape a vibrant programme for Barnsley’s first festival for children and young people:

“The Fusion Network meeting was a fabulous opportunity to discuss, share and learn about some of the fabulous opportunities that are available for young people in Barnsley in the creative arts. Aside from networking and learning from others, there was a clear focus to the meeting, that was well lead, ensuring that time was spent in a purposeful and meaningful way. It’s clear that this is a group and mechanism that can have a big impact on future work and opportunities in our town. Thank you!” Attendee, Fusion Network Meeting

The next Network meeting will be online on Tuesday 13 June, 3.30-5pm so be sure to pencil it into your diary and join us for more inspiring discussion to promote creativity and the arts for Barnsley’s children and young people.

Our focus will be on planning Barnsley’s first festival for children and young people – the Festival of Joy. Come along to find out more and see how you can be involved.

Find out more about the Festival of Joy here

Members of the network meeting that took place at Barnsley College.



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