Music is Alive and Kicking in Barnsley!

Music is Alive and Kicking in Barnsley!

Barnsley Music Service have been hard at work during the lockdown to ensure that music continues for children and young people in Barnsley.  

Online lessons have been expertly arranged and have proven to be a real success, complimented by a vast library of new resources located on their new You Tube channel.

Music tutors from Barnsley Music Service have risen to the challenge of keeping music going whilst in lockdown for children and young people from Barnsley by offering online lessons that are accessible from home and in schools.

During these unprecedented times this service has been invaluable not only in ensuring that learning continues but by providing young people a diversion that contributes to their wellbeing.

Here are just a few of the comments received from some parents about the online music lessons:

“Thank you for continuing to teach the kids over the lockdown.  It’s just given them that little bit of normality that they need in these tough times”.

“Thank you for providing online tuition, my child has enjoyed the lessons and I think that they have helped her during lockdown”.

“The lessons have gone really well, it’s great to hear and see the difference week on week.  We have been really happy with them”.

In addition to the online lessons, Barnsley Music Service have developed a vast array of online resources.  A wide variety of videos are available for every instrument – learning videos, some just for fun, introduction to instruments, singing – there is an amazing choice.  Have a look on our new You Tube channel – Barnsley Music Hub.

Music is “alive and kicking” in Barnsley and we are looking forward to arranging concerts/performances in the very near future. 

Further details of what Barnsley Music Hub can offer young people can be found on our website:

Contact Details:

Tel:  (01226) 291525 – Barnsley Music Service




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